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Health from the ground up

The Zest Difference

  • Authenticity – Giving you access to my lifetime of knowledge and experience growing organic food, cooking it, enjoying it and teaching all ages, my successes AND failures will save you time and money.
  • Honesty – We say what we will do and do what we say or your money back!
  • My Commitment is to give you a totally personal, individually tailored service. We genuinely love nature and respect and care for all the environment, including you!
  • My Promise is to share the fruits of my insatiable curiosity, passion for learning and ongoing research into sustainable climate resilient food growing with you, your family and community.
  • Fun! Yes, fun – Zest 4 Organic Food Growing is about having the vibrant good health and time and money freedom to have fun with your family and friends, growing, cooking and sharing organic food and a healthy lifestyle.

What we can offer you

Eat more healthily – giving your family the best delicious, fresh organic fruit and veg

Healthy and fun family activity outdoors, reducing indoor screen time

Save money – grow organic food that is not an unaffordable luxury

Taste of Sicily – organic cold pressed, extra virgin ‘Casa Rehoboth’ olive oil

Children eat food they have grown themselves – even vegetables!

Sicilian ‘Foodie Holiday’ 2023 – experience Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in this culinary adventure of a lifetime!

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